Alex is one of my theatre friends so I was super excited when he approached me about shooting his senior photos! My head was instantly filling with ideas to showcase his personality. We headed to downtown Alma, Michigan and got to work. He brought along some amazing outfits and sunglasses that suited him so well and the photos really show who Alex is. His biggest interest in filmmaking so I told him he absolutely HAD to bring his camera along! Though it’s completely different than my normal style, I had this vision of using off camera flash to create a very movie set vibe for his senior photos and I think we pulled it off! Alex has actually written and directed his very first feature film called Lucid. After his senior session, he asked if I would be willing to collab with him on his poster and I was excited for the challenge. We photographed his cast in costume and in character, Alex then sent me some renderings he created on the computer of the buildings and streets used in the movie and I went to work! Many many hours of Photoshop later (and going back and forth between us for approval) it was completed and it’s something we’re both very proud of. I decided to feature it below as well as his movie summary and link to the most recent trailer. Lucid will be streaming on Youtube on October 2nd so make sure you check it out!

“Noah Stone has come to a realization; his world is a dream. Now “lucid,” he can access abilities and manipulate the dream. He works with a team of Lucids to uncover his true potential. It is only then that they can evade the massive security force, headed by the mysterious Blue, and escape from their head back to reality."

The first feature film by Alex Adam, making its rounds in 2020.

Officially Streaming on the A Squared channel on October 2nd, 2020.

Final Trailer:

High school senior boy standing in a clearing in the woods.
High school senior boy with red glasses and dark hair leaning against a chain link fence.
High school senior boy in a black and white shirt posing in various places downtown.
High school senior boy with a leather jacket and red glasses crossing his arms in front of a brick wall.
High school senior boy in a red dress shirt and silver suit jacket posting in different parts of a parking lot.
High school senior boy with a leather jacket posting by brick walls and in an alley.
Black and white photo of a high school senior boy holding a video camera on his shoulder in front of a white wall.
High school senior boy holding a video camera. He's wearing red sunglasses and two flashes shine behind him,
Movie poster for Lucid. Six people standing in the street with various powers among them. Skyscrapers behind them.