I met up with Ashlee and Marcus in Grand Rapids, Michigan for their engagement photos. This was my first time meeting Marcus (and he was SO kind and easy to talk to!) but I’ve known Ashlee since she was a baby because our moms have been friends for years. We started at Harmony Brewing--thank you so much to them for letting us use their space! These two love breweries so I knew it’d be the perfect spot to get some shots of them being comfortable hanging out. After that we moved on to downtown Grand Rapids! That city is such an amazing photo spot for a reason. There is no shortage of cool murals and architecture. We definitely found some amazing ones. I can't wait to get their wedding blog up because they are some of my favorite photographs of ALL TIME. Pretty easy when you have such good looking models!

A man and woman sitting at a table in a brewery smiling at each other.
Man and woman laughing together at a brewery table.
Engagement ring balanced on two glasses of beer.
Man and woman interacting with each other in a brewery. They laugh and embrace.
Man and woman hold hands and smile in front of a dark green wall with a colorful mural.
Man and woman hold hands, smiling at each other, and embrace in front of a brightly colored mural.
A man and woman dancing around in front of a large bright flower mural on a building.
A man and woman smiling at each other in front of a large bright flower mural on a building.