On February 29th, 2020 I watched one of my very best friends get married outdoors in Traverse City, Michigan. Carolyn and Kyle had the sweetest little short ceremony out in the snow in front of the lake and then went to dinner with their families afterward. Clearly they were ahead of the game on the micro wedding trend before it became the thing ;). The weather was about as amazing as you can ask for in a Michigan February and I have never seen such blue sky and water before. After the wedding ceremony, we went to a gorgeous location for beach and woods photos. We took a quick little hike up a hill and ended up with the most amazing view for some wide shots. This day ended up being an amazing memory to have while everything was still normal here before the pandemic. Who knew so much was going to change in March? Going to treasure these memories forever!

A small wedding ceremony outside in the winter in front of a bright blue lake.
The bride and groom holding hands with a snowy log between them and a blue lake and sky behind.
Bride in a long sleeved lace dress and groom in a black tux on an icy beach with woods to the right and lake to the left
Bride and groom embracing on a rocky icy beach next to Lake Michigan and a cloudy blue sky.
Groom holding the brides hips from behind while she holds his face. They are standing on the beach.
Wedding couple on a beach being reflected into a crystal ball.
Groom dipping the bride while she laughs. The lake in the background and a prism reflecting in the foreground.
Groom smiling on the beach with his hands in his pockets.
Wide shot of the bride and groom embracing in the woods.
Close up of the wedding rings on a pine tree branch.
Various poses of the bride alone and the couple together in the woods.
Wedding rings on a Petoskey stone and the couple embracing in the woods.
The couple kissing with a rainbow reflected above them. They embrace and dance in the woods.
A bride and groom standing on a high snow covered hill overlooking pine trees and Lake Michigan.
The bride and groom walking around on a high snowy hill with Lake Michigan and the woods below them.
The wedding couple standing in the woods together.