When your maid of honor says she's heading to Hawaii to get married, you obviously make an exception to your typical no destination wedding rule. I hateeee flying with all of my being, but we hopped on a plane for 14 hours and these photos were worth every single one. It was so refreshing getting to shoot in new surroundings and these are going to remain some of my favorites for the rest of my career. Such a complete and total honor to be able to be the one to capture this for them.

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Photos of wedding rings on coral and a white flower and the bride getting make up done.
Black and white photo of a wedding dress hanging in a tree. The wind is blowing it to the left. Ocean in the background.
Wide photo of bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony. Green grass and plants around them, ocean behind.
Photos of bride and groom exchanging vows, rings, and first kiss in front of green plants.
Wide photo of bride and groom standing on the end of a large lot hanging out over the ocean. Big blue sky with clouds
Collage of bride and groom portraits. Plumeria bouquet and boutonniere. Palm leaves form a heart around them.
Collage of the bride and groom posing together on an island with a beach, bright green grass, and palm trees.
Wide photo of a bride and groom looking at each other and holding hands between palm trees. Ocean behind them,
Photo of a bride and groom standing on a large fallen tree on the beach and kissing each other.
Photo of bride and groom standing on a beach almost kissing and smiling and up close photo of plumeria bouquet.
Photo of bride and groom holding hands with bride holding the side of her dress in front of the ocean.
Bride and groom standing on a large rock in the ocean with a pastel sunset. They are embracing and looking at the water.