Last spring I met up with Nicole and Ryan at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan. Ryan races cars there so Nicole thought it would be the perfect spot to start their engagement photos. We got some adorable photos with their flag and around the bleachers. The lighting was fantastic! Next we headed to some property one of their family members owns. It had the most gorgeous pond full of tall cattails. There was a thin little dock running through it that we were able to get some really nice engagement photos on. We lucked out and found a rowboat resting beside it and these two were troopers for me and sat in the boat! It was a little wet, but majorly worth it. I've been photographing Nicole, her daughter, and her sister's family for years now so I'm so glad she chose me to photograph her wedding too! It's coming up this year and I cannot wait.

Man kissing woman's head while she holds a checkered flag. They're standing on a racetrack.
Man and woman in various poses at a racetrack on and under the bleachers.
Man and woman in various poses on a thin dock in a pond with tall cattails.
Engaged man and woman sitting in a rowboat in a pond. Very wide shot with the sky visible.
Man and woman sitting together in a rowboat surrounded by tall bright green cattails.
Man and woman embracing near a flowering bush.