This was THE hottest wedding I have ever photographed. This was that weekend in 2019 when the heat index in mid-Michigan was up over 100 and man did we feel it in the barn. Katie and I just about melted that day so how Colette and Brian still look absolutely perfect in their golden hour photos is beyond me. Pretty sure it’s witchcraft. I require all of my couples to have an engagement session with me, but these two live out of state so we only ever spoke on the phone. The very first time I met them in person was when I arrived at the Milestone Barn that day for their wedding and you would have never known! We clicked instantly and it’s like I had known them all along. These two are just so kind and I loved watching their day unfold. Colette’s dad seeing her in her gown, Brian seeing her for the first time as his bride then breaking down crying, Colette’s special dance with her mom. It was all so incredible. Colette said that Brian isn’t usually the mushy type so she was surprised he cried during their first look! I was shocked based on his reaction. You can tell how much these two love each other and their wedding photos really capture it all.

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A college of wedding rings on a flower, wedding cake on a table, and a wedding gown hanging on a white barn.
A black and white collage of a bride getting her make up done and putting on her dress.
A college of a groom getting ready and the bride's dad seeing her in her gown.
A first look collage of a bride and groom. He smiles then cries. She has a poofy tulle dress and long veil.
Black and white photo of bride and groom kissing with excited wedding party behind them.
Collage of wedding party. The men have navy suits and the women have pink or lavender dresses.
A collage of the ceremony: groom hugging mom, grandpa adjusting hat, bride walking with dad, vow reading, bride crying.
Wide shot of guests standing at wedding ceremony, bride and groom are under an arch in front of large tree and blue sky.
Black and white wide shot of bride and groom leaving down the aisle.
Collage of wedding party smile, bridesmaids fixing veil, and wedding party laughing together.
Collage of bride, close up of a ring tied to the bouquet, and the couple embracing.
Black and white photo of groom kissing bride's forehead. Her cathedral veil blows toward the camera.
Bride sitting on a tree swing with the groom standing then groom kissing her forehead while they both stand.
Black and white collage of first dance. Close ups of their hands together and her hand on his neck.
Black and white collage of couple dancing with their parents.
Collage of the wedding party smoking cigars.
Bride tossing the bottom of her tulle dress into the air. Golden sunset light behind her.
Bride & groom holding hands and smiling at each other then kissing as bride throws the bottom of her dress up at sunset