Whenever one of my senior reps comes back for engagement photos, I feel a little old. I was so very excited to do these engagement shots for Sierra! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she's just the sweetest person too. We shot a little earlier than I had been lately so it was fun editing photos with the kind of light I used to use more often. A little brighter and whiter than my golden hour stuff, but still a bit of warmth! These two were supposed to get married this month, but covid had other plans so please keep them in your thoughts as they plan a new wedding day. No doubt it will be amazing and she is going to be just stunning in her wedding photos.

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An engaged couple embracing and smiling standing in front of an old red barn,
Couple embracing in front of greenery. She's wearing a pink dress, he's wearing a black shirt. She has long blonde hair.
Couple in a pink dress and black shirt sitting together in greenery. They are smiling at each other.
Black and white collage of man kissing woman's cheek, their foreheads together, and them almost kissing.
A man holding his fiance. She is wearing a long light pink dress. They are smiling at each other.
Collage of man dipping woman and kissing her. Then embracing her and kissing the side of her head.
Couple holding hands and the man whispering in the woman's ear. She is smiling and has long blonde hair.
Collage of a couple sitting together, walking together, and kissing. They wear jeans, she has a white shirt, and he grey
An engaged couple embracing. She's wearing a white shirt and he wears grey. She is facing the camera with her eyes shut.