Sometimes things don’t go as planned and Theresa and Daniel’s engagement session is the perfect example. We were SURE the rain was going to hold off or stay a light mist, but we ended up with a consistent heavy drizzle for the majority of it! Instead of rescheduling, we just went with it and they ended up being such romantic photos! We started in downtown Mt. Pleasant, Michigan which has some awesome architecture and colors. Then headed over to Deerfield Nature Park for some amazing dancing in the rain shots. While these soaked photos have all sorts of The Notebook vibes, I thought Theresa might appreciate having some with dry hair as well so I offered to shoot a few more in Alma the following day. They were staying the night in Mt. Pleasant so they agreed and we were able to get some great photos in the woods and wildflowers the next day! I just LOVE the shots of her sapphire engagement ring too--it was definitely a unique ring for a unique session!

Photos of an engaged man and woman standing on the sidewalk downtown smiling. They're in dress clothes.
Photo of a man and woman holding hands, walking, and smiling at each other. A checked wall and blue door behind them.
Photos of an engaged couple embracing and kissing downtown. Lots of bright, fun colors on doors and in the street.
Photos of a couple kissing and embracing in the rain with greenery all around. An engagement ring hanging on a branch.
Photo of an engaged man and woman dancing in the rain on a path.
Black and white photos of a couple standing in a field in the rain with a black umbrella.
Photos of an engaged couple in the rain in a green field. They wear dress clothes and her dress is blue.
Photo of a woman's hand grabbing small white flowers. She wears a sapphire engagement ring.
Photos of an engaged man and woman smiling and kissing in a field of wildflowers.