I’ve been photographing the Wilson family for all of their sessions since I was first getting started in photography! We always have a great time getting updated images for them every year and tend to alternate between summer and fall photos often. The gorgeous greens of this cute little Alma, Michigan field coupled with their perfect outfits made for an amazing spring/summer look! I definitely love color and encourage everyone to dress in a way that coordinates, but doesn’t “match” for their family sessions. Dad isn’t the biggest fan of family photos (are any of them? haha), but luckily these girls always rock their sessions so they don’t take us too long and I manage to get some good shots out of him every time ;). Bree was still in the womb for our first photo session ever so I cannot believe how old these girls are getting! Having some of the same clients for this long is one of my favorite parts of the job.

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Mom, dad, and two daughters holding hands in a field smiling at the camera and each other.
Mom, dad, and two daughters standing in a field with their arms around each other smiling at the camera.
Collage of daughters embracing their dad.
Collage of mom and dad smiling at each other, embracing, and dad kissing mom's forehead.
Black and white photo of mom, dad, and two daughters holding hands and walking through a field.
Collage of daughters embracing their mom.
Collage of sisters embracing, smiling at each other, and older sister holding her younger sister while she smiles.
Mom, dad, and two daughters smiling at each other with golden sunset light behind them.