What's a senior photo session without hobbies being incorporated? Brayley had plenty and I was so excited. This was the first time I got to photograph someone in the MIDDLE of a river fly fishing! We started in Mount Pleasant then headed back to Gratiot County. We made a stop at Lumberjack Park in Riverdale to get some awesome shots of him in his catcher's uniform on the baseball field. Then we drove again to go take some photos around his family's property. We had to include his truck and dog in a few shots and we ended the evening with some amazing silhouette photos with his bow!

High school senior boy in a green shirt and jeans near a river.
High school senior boy smiling on a river bank in a green shirt.
Black and white collage of a high school senior boy playing baseball.
Black and white photo of a high school senior boy in a catcher's mask.
High school senior boy sitting on his truck bed with his black lab dog
High school senior boy in white button up shirt and jeans standing in the woods.
High school senior boy in a plaid shirt posing on his property.
Silhouette of a high school senior boy holding a bow
High school senior boy kneeling in a field at sunset.