One of the downsides of having your first baby young is that all or most of your friends aren't in that place in life. None of my close knit group of friends in college could relate. Now years later Carolyn is my first close college friend to become a mom and I was so excited to do these maternity photos for her! She and Kyle purchased their dream piece of land and have been making such a paradise out of it including this ridiculously stunning field of super tall sunflowers. Carolyn hand planted these even while pregnant! It paid off because they ended up being the perfect backdrop for their maternity session. Mid Michigan lacks breathtaking locations sometimes and I get so excited when people make themselves a little piece of paradise to photograph on instead!

Man and woman smiling maternity photos embracing in tall sunflowers
Man hugging pregnant woman from behind while they stand in very tall sunflowers
Man and pregnant woman holding hands and smiling at each other while walking in sunflowers
Pregnant woman smiling in field near sunflowers with her husband in one photo holding her belly
Collage of man and pregnant woman then just the woman wearing a red dress in a field by sunflowers.
Man and pregnant woman embracing and smiling near purple flowers
Man and pregnant woman embracing and almost kissing in purple flowers
Pregnant woman in light red dress holding her belly in front of purple flowers.
Pregnant woman in emerald green dress sitting in a large peacock chair in front of flowers.