Taking photos of my friends is one of my favorite things to do so when Mal and Dylana wanted some updated couples photos I made sure to fit them in in the fall! LGBTQ couples are also some of my favorite sessions to photograph so that makes it fun too. We started downtown in Alma, Michigan then headed to Conservation Park and then to an open field to catch the sunset! I love pretty light and bold color and man did the sunset deliver this day.

Two women embracing near brick walls in downtown Alma, Michigan.
Two women embracing and smiling in an overgrown field during the fall at Conservation Park in Alma, Michigan.
Two women embracing, smiling, and laughing with fall foliage in the background at a park in Alma Michigan.
Two women smiling holding hands and looking at each other in a field in Alma Michigan during the fall.
Two women lying in a blanket together in a field at sunset.
Two women sitting together laughing in a green field in Alma, Michigan.
Two women dancing and smiling together in front of a pastel sunset with clouds.
A woman carrying another woman on her back in a field during the fall.
Two women kissing in a field in front of a pink sunset with a rainbow reflected on the bottom from a prism.