Megan's older sister was one of my senior reps and I had so much fun with the family so I was excited when Megan applied to be one a couple of years later! As much as I love sports photos, Megan had a couple of hobbies for me that were going to take some creativity to photograph and I was up for the challenge! Her senior photos took place in downtown Alma, a gorgeous field at sunset, downtown Mount Pleasant, and Deerfield Park in Mount Pleasant! We met up in both the spring and fall to get some gorgeous variety. In the spring we got some incredible golden hour photos and in the fall is when we decided to incorporate her hobbies. Megan plays video games and the trumpet! We got some cool downtown shots with a controller and then headed to Deerfield Park for the trumpet photos. I decided to play with a prism and have her sheet music falling through the air (shoutout to her mom who threw it so many times for those). The end result was gorgeous! We grabbed some shots on the rope bridge while we there and those ended up being some of my favorites.

senior girl in a striped shirt standing on the sidewalk
senior girl sitting and standing near leaves
senior girl sitting in a field at sunset with a flower in her hair
senior girl near bushes in a field at sunset
senior girl holding a game controller and sitting on a crosswalk in mount pleasant
senior girl holding a game controller and standing downtown
senior girl standing on a rope bridge amongst fall foliage
black and white photos of senior girl playing trumpet with sheet music in the air
senior girl playing trumpet with a rainbow reflecting
senior girl amongst fall foliage