This session was the very first time I ever photographed someone at the Vander Sys Tree Farm in Weidman, Michigan! Sally Rudy Photography was very familiar with the location and decided on that spot for her family session. I was once again very nervous to photograph another photographer, but Sally and I have become such great friends since this day and I'm so thankful! We had the perfect amount of snow: a great covering on the ground, dusting to make the trees pretty, but it wasn't too deep to walk around in. Her boys did fantastic (obviously from all the practice with mom) and the session went smoothly even though it was very cold. I've been able to photograph in this location many times since then and it's always a blast. The owners are very kind and we appreciate them allowing us to use their space! If you purchase real trees for Christmas I cannot recommend them enough!

Mom, dad, and two sons huddled outside laughing in a snowy tree farm.
Close up shots of the two boys outside in winter coats and furry hats.
Mom and dad swinging the youngest boy while he smiles.
Family of four in various poses around a snowy tree farm.
A man and woman embracing and looking at each other in a snowy tree farm.