I LOVE this family so much. They’re a blended family and I actually photographed them both separately before I ever photographed them together. They truly are my clients for life. I’ve gotten to watch the kids grow, be a part of a surprise engagement, a wedding, and now yearly family photos. Flannery did an amazing job styling them for this session. I love love loved the messages they wanted to convey. They brought a sign saying “human, kind, be both” and one of the boys wore a shirt stating “pick flowers, not fights.” At the end of the photo session she even painted the kids’ faces with peace signs and hearts. Throw in the station wagon and this session truly had all of the hippie vibes. It’s so nice knowing people that are doing such an amazing job raising their children. This family is dear to my heart for life now and I can’t wait to watch them grow even more!

Family of mom, dad, two boys, and one girl sitting on their porch steps smiling at each other.
Photos of a family of five holding hands standing in tall grass and then walking.
Collage of individual photos of each child. Two boys and one girl. They stand in tall green grass.
Kids with mom holding a sign "human, kind, be both." Boys standing together and one shirt reads pick flowers not fights.
Three kids sitting on the hood of a station wagon while parents stand beside it and kiss.
Kids sitting in or standing in front of a station wagon with a sign "human, kind, be both."
Kids getting their faces painted with peace signs and hearts. They sit on the tailgate of the station wagon with sign.
Parents standing in front of the station wagon then sit in the drivers seat with their reflection in rearview mirror
Black and white photo of husband kissing wife's cheek while they sit in the station wagon.