We are throwing it way back to January 2019 on the blog today. If someone said to me "do you remember Ashlynn and Tyler's engagement session?" I'd reply "oh yeah for sure! Ashlynn's dress was amazing and it. was. COLD!" Like, so cold. It was a very Michigan winter session. We had to shoot for five minutes, run to the car, repeat. I kept assuring them we were getting amazing stuff and that it'd be totally worth it. I'm so glad we had such a gorgeous location for these. Winter engagement sessions done right are oh so lovely with the snow...they just tend to run a little shorter than summer engagements so no one loses any fingers ;). Their wedding took place in July so we had the exact opposite weather for that! They have the best of both worlds for their gorgeous photos to cherish that special year of their life.

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A woman holding a man's arm looking opposite directions. It is winter and she has a long red dress.
A collage of an engaged couple embracing in a field. Long brown grass pokes through the snow.
A man kissing a woman's forehead outside in the winter surrounded by snow. She is wearing a long red dress.
A collage of an engaged couple embracing and dancing near birch trees in the winter.
A man hugging his fiancé from behind with a cabin in the background. They wear a white sweater and red dress.
An engaged couple walking and laughing together. He wears plaid under a sweater and she wears plaid under a vest.
An engaged couple almost kissing while smiling and wrapped up in a blanket.
An engaged couple embracing and smiling. They are wrapped in colorful Christmas lights and there is a close up of ring.