I drove down to Cooley Gardens in Lansing, Michigan for the first time ever to shoot the Brewer family! It was so beautiful and I definitely can't wait to do another session there. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing lots of Lansing’s amazing downtown spots it offers, but Cooley Gardens was such a neat little secret beauty in the middle of an industrial area. The Brewer's have four gorgeous girls and capturing each of their personalities was such a joy. I love to not only get group photos during family sessions, but highlight each individual family member as well. I also love to make sure to shoot some beautiful couples photos for mom and dad--I think it’s so important to get updated ones even after your family has grown! We got amazing shots and their gallery ended up being huge! Marcie nailed the outfits and the bright colors of this session have made it a favorite on social media.

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Four brunette girls in various places at Cooley Gardens.
Two young sisters hugging in Cooley Gardens.
A husband and wife wearing white kissing and embracing in Cooley Gardens.
A family with four daughters of various ages holding hands walking through Cooley Gardens.
Four sisters posing for photos in Cooley Gardens.
Family of six with all daughters sitting on a quilt and smiling at each other in Cooley Gardens.
Four sisters wearing navy bibs or dresses posing for photos in Cooley Gardens.