I always look forward to photographing the Bullard family every year! They’re ridiculously photogenic and the girls love their sessions. For this session, we decided on a location I hadn’t photographed them at before. Nelson park in Mt. Pleasant has the best river spot in our area in my opinion and you can climb right down into it. Combine that with the willow tree there and it’s one of my favorites. Both girls take dance and photographing dancers is one of my favorite things! They had some beautiful poses in the water and they’re still some of my favorite images today.

Mom, dad, two daughters, and white dog standing under a willow tree looking at each other.
Family photo with dog under a willow tree then a photo of each daughter alone holding the branches.
Mom and two daughters wearing white dresses lying on the ground looking seriously at the camera.
Collage of family photos of a mom, dad, and two daughters in a river.
Mom, dad, and two daughters standing in a river with their arms around each other.
Two girls doing dance poses in a river.
Teenage girl in a white dress kicking her leg up into a dance pose in the river. Water droplets follow the path.