I've been a photographer long enough now that not many situations give me anxiety about shooting, but the one thing that STILL does is photographing other photographers. Shannon is an amazing newborn/family photographer in my town and I was both honored and incredibly nervous when she asked me to photograph her family! I definitely felt like I had to be on top of my game that day. The nervous energy apparently paid off because this ended up being one of my all time favorite family sessions! These guys are all so in love with each other and so natural. They were truly a photographer's dream to photograph. Shannon also styled them all incredibly so that added to it of course! We picked two locations in St. Louis and Alma Michigan to take advantage of the incredible light we got that evening. Shannon was so pumped that we got an amazing sunset. Their gallery ended up being huge of course and I swear I find new favorites every time I look back at it!

A solo photo of each daughter: two brunettes and one blonde.
Collage of family photos on a hilly field.
Family photo of everyone cuddling and laughing sitting on a hill in a field.
Father, mother, and three daughters embracing and smiling at each other in a field with a golden sunset behind them.
Husband and wife embracing and kissing with a golden sun flare between them.
Father, mother, and three daughters sitting together in a field while the father plays a guitar.
Close up of father and daughter's hands on a guitar.
Black and white photos of father and daughters while father plays guitar.
Family holding hands in a field and smiling at each other. Father on the left, daughters in the middle, and mother right
Collage of daughters cuddling their parents while sitting in a field.
Father, mother, and three daughters lying on a lace blanket in a field embracing each other.
Silhouette of family holding hands walking through a field with a purple, pink, and orange sunset behind them.