It’s so fun when seniors book more than one season for their portraits and that’s exactly what Breckenridge high school senior Kiaya did! I had the honor of photographing her senior portraits both in the summer and fall last year. We had an amazing time incorporating gorgeous sunlight, water, beautiful fall colors, and her love for softball. I just love her shot through the fence! This girl has so many amazing colors in her hair and she is THE master at makeup. I loved the looks she created each time! I get excited any time clients are actually willing to get into the water for their sessions and Kiaya was all about it. It’s hard to pick a favorite from such a lovely photo gallery, but I think mine is her lying on the river bank. Her eyes are so piercing and the colors are extraordinary. Her and her mom were such a pleasure to work with!

High school senior girl standing on a bridge smiling while wearing a yellow shirt.
High school senior girl smiling with golden sunlight behind her. First near rocks then a willow tree.
High school senior girl lying on a river bank looking straight at the camera with piercing blue eyes.
High school senior girl standing in a river and splashing.
Black and white photo of a high school senior girl lying on her stomach near a river.
High school senior girl near fall foliage and in a brown field.
Smiling high school senior girl with fall foliage in the background behind her.
High school senior girl near the fence on a softball field with a trophy and jerseys displayed.
High school senior girl with glove and helmet standing on a softball field behind the fence.
High school senior girl near the home plate of a softball field wearing catcher's gear.