I just love when I get to see my wedding couples again for their maternity photos! These two are so so sweet and I was very happy to get to share in their joy of waiting for the arrival of their son! At the time they didn’t know the sex so that was even more exciting! For this maternity session, Alyssa knew she wanted some of my golden hour photos so we booked it late in the day right before sunset. We met up at this gorgeous field in Alma, Michigan which is one of my favorite places to shoot because the sun comes through so well over the horizon. We lucked out and it ended up being perfectly clear for the light to shine and the results are just gorgeous. I always love playing with sun flares between my couples’ faces, but for maternity photos I LOVE playing with them on the belly too! There is something so special about pregnancy and I think having a gorgeous burst of light shining off mom’s belly really conveys that feeling.

Collage of a blonde pregnant woman and tall man in a hat sitting in a golden field with their small dog.
Blonde pregnant woman wearing a dark flower dress standing in a golden field.
Black and white photos of a pregnant woman in a floral dress smiling while her husband hugs her from behind.
Collage of a couple holding the woman's pregnant belly, smiling at each other, then a forehead kiss with a sunburst.
Close up of a pregnant woman's belly with her hands on it. Black floral dress and a golden field and sunset.
Photos of a pregnant woman and her husband lying on a blanket in a field.
Blonde pregnant woman holding her belly and smiling looking down while standing in a field at sunset.
Collage of a pregnant woman and her husband in various standing poses while holding her belly. A field at sunset.
A golden sunburst showing through between a couple while they embrace and hold the woman's belly.