The fun part about being a year behind on blogging is reliving all the moments from each photo session or wedding. Amber and Paul’s wedding at Riverwalk Place in Gladwin, Michigan had so many memorable ones. The entire day we were fighting against an awful weather forecast and were worried their outdoor ceremony might not happen. But the ceremony happened and it was beautiful! Amber and Paul did a butterfly release with their children and one even stuck around for some photos with us after! Luckily the storm held off for just enough time for a few outdoor photos before it rolled in angrily. We shot as long as we possibly could and then ran inside. It was so crazy to watch the clouds come over top of us. Luckily, Riverwalk Place is gorgeous inside as well and we were able to finish up our wedding party shots indoors. Their wedding reception had one of my all time favorite moments of 2019. Normally, family members and guests aren’t too big on being photographed all night and wedding photographers know it, but try to the best of our ability anyway. So much to my surprise, while I was photographing the anniversary dance, Amber and Paul’s grandpa looked at me and mouthed “thank you.” It was such a sweet moment and I broke down in tears right there. Definitely one I’m never going to forget!

Photos of bride and bridesmaids in their robes getting ready and laughing.
Black and white photo of thin lacey wedding gown hanging in a large window.
Photos of bride and flower girl getting ready together.
Photos of the groom and ring bearer getting ready.
Photos of the wedding rings, pink flowers, wedding cake, and gold cake topper.
Photos of the groom and groomsmen standing together in front of a river.
Photos of the groom and ring bearer standing on a path outside.
Photos of a dad seeing his daughter as a bride for the first look. He smiles then they hug.
Photos of a welcome sign then the flower girl and ring bearer walking down a path outside.
Black and white photos of the mother of the bride and grandmother crying and embracing.
Photos of the groom and flower girl watching the bride walk down the aisle.
Photos of the bride walking down a path by the river with her father.
Photo collage of an outdoor wedding ceremony on a patio by a river.
Photos of the flower girl with butterflies and the bride and groom with their two children.
Photos of the bride and groom standing outside in front of a river.
Black and white photos of the bride and groom standing outside in front of a river.
Photos of a hotel with a storm rolling in across the sky.
Photos of the wedding party on stairs inside of the hotel.
Black and white photo collage of the toasts being given at the wedding reception.
Black and white photo collage of the special dances at the wedding reception.
Photo of the bride and her step daughter dancing then the bride and groom kissing with their kids in the background.
Photo of the couples' grandparents dancing together during the reception.
Photos of the outside of the hotel, a white flower, and water droplets on leaves on a tree.