I photographed Trisha and Justin’s wedding back in January of 2018 so I was so excited to meet their little boy when Trisha contacted me about family photos! Case is THE cutest with his curly hair and big bright eyes. He was such a good boy for photos and their dog always does a wonderful job too! Babies interacting with their pets is enough to make anyone’s hearts swell. The weather looked a little iffy, but overcast is fantastic for photos so we went ahead and chanced it. Toward the very end of the photo session we ended up getting the rain. Luckily it was very light and added a little romantic flair to their images! It certainly didn’t stop us.

Photos of an infant boy lying on a blanket outside. He has curly brown hair and blue eyes.
Up close photo of an infant boy sitting on a blanket looking at the camera. He has curly brown hair and blue eyes.
Collage of a husband, wife, and baby standing in a park with queen anne's lace flowers surrounding them.
Photos of a husband, wife, baby, and german shepherd. They are sitting on a blanket surrounded by white flowers.
Black and white photo of a husband and wife embracing in the rain.
Photos of a husband and wife looking at each other then kissing.
Photo of a mom kissing a baby's head while holding him. Then dad lifting the baby into the air. It is lightly raining.