2019 was the year of photographing other photographer's families and as I've said so many times before, it makes me crazy nervous haha! Sara Bonacci of Sara Bonacci Photography booked a session for her gorgeous family and we met up in November to take it! The Opera House in downtown Alma, Michigan has been coming along nicely so we decided to get a few there on the steps and they were definitely a crowd favorite. After we were done there, we headed to my staple photo location: an open field. You'll never convince me there is a better place for family photos. We didn't get much sun, but the November neutral tones were just gorgeous and complimented their outfits perfectly. Sara and I have definitely become friends since this day and I'm so glad!

Mom, dad, two sons, and two daughters smiling at each other near a brick building.
Mom, dad, two sons, and two daughters on the steps of Block House in Alma Michigan.
Black and white photo of a family sitting on the Block House steps in downtown Alma Michigan smiling at each other.
Individual photos of each child in various poses standing in an open grassy field.
Photos of the parents embracing each other in an open grassy field.
Mom, dad, two sons, and two daughters laughing together in a field.
Photos of the family smiling close together then holding hands in a field as the sun starts to set.
Black and white photos of a family walking through a field then sitting together on a blanket.