Rechelle's family have been photography clients of mine since the very beginning. They are such amazing people and I was so happy when she met and married Ron. Because of that I've now been able to watch their family grow and meet Ron's family as well! During the fall of 2019, I met up with Ron, Rechelle, baby Ronald, Ron's parents, Ron's sister, and her husband for some three generation family photos! We photographed them at Conservation Park in Alma, Michigan which offers amazing backdrops all year long, but it's especially lovely in the fall. It's easy to remember to get photos of your immediate family every year, but don't forget that extended family photos are a must too! Your parents absolute need professional shots with their grandchildren and you'll never regret having these images to look back on someday.

Three generation photos of six adults together with a baby.
Separate photos of the mom and dad and their daughter with her husband.
Three generation family photo of everyone laughing in a field.
Photos of the son with his wife and infant son.
Photo of the grandparents with baby and then grandfather, father, and son together.
Black and white photo of all six adults with the baby laughing and smiling together in a field.
Photos of the son and his wife with a photo of their son sitting in a wooden box outside.