Shelby and Tyler's wedding anniversary is coming up soon so I figured now was a great time to blog their special day I photographed last year! There are so many fun little highlights I remember about this day: their ring bearer had an awesome lunchbox full of snacks (told him how jealous I was), their grandma reminded me of my own, Tyler's red hair is so fun to photograph, their dog is AMAZING at photos, and we had a glorious golden hour! Like seriously scroll down to those. There's just something special about ending the photography portion of the day with the wedding couple walking off into the sunset. Millpond Park in Blanchard was their reception venue and it had a great view for the golden light. Not to mention the dance floor is always well lit and fresh air flows through the venue. It’s an awesome little spot for those seeking an outdoor (or pavilion) wedding reception venue.

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Groom receiving a jersey as a gift, the ring bearer holding a lunchbox, and a grandma watching everyone.
Dress hanging in a church. The bride getting dressed. The bride's dad seeing her ready in her gown.
The groom and groomsmen standing outside under a tree. They have dark suits and he has red hair.
The groom in a black suit standing under a tree. He smiles and has red hair.
Black and white photos of the bride and groom facing each other on the altar.
Black and white photos of the bride and groom standing together in a church doorway.
Bride and groom kissing outside on the church steps. The entire church and a blue sky is behind them.
Bride and groom smiling at the camera. She has blonde hair, he has red hair, and her bouquet is white, pink, and blue.
Collage of bride and groom smiling and kissing outside.
Groom kissing the bride's head and hugging her from behind. She holds her bouquet.
Bride smiling outside holding her bouquet. Close up of her necklace with one pearl.
Wedding party walking, embracing, and drinking beer. The men wear black, the women wear light blue.
Black and white photo of the groom kissing his dog's face.
Bride and groom with their dog. The dog holds bride's bouquet in his mouth.
Wedding welcome sign and engagement photos displayed.
Black and white photo of the bride and groom entering their reception with their hands up. The groom has sunglasses.
Collage of toasts, grandmother holding baby, and the bride and groom feeding each other cake.
Collage of the bride and groom's first dance.
Collage of people dancing together.
Bride and groom holding hands, walking, and kissing with a bright golden sunset behind them.
Collage of bride and groom embracing and kissing with a bright golden sunset behind them.
Bride and groom almost kissing with a golden sunset behind them. The bride holds the groom's face.
Groom wearing Michigan mascot hat and laughing with a groomsman.