I've been to MSU's campus for photos many times now and I swear it always offers me new ideas. Julia and Daniel's engagement session was very VERY cold so we thought why not shoot some of it indoors? MSU had the perfect greenhouse to incorporate both indoor photos (where we could stay warm) and some outdoors snow shots. This was the very first session that I ever broke out my prisms for and now I'm hooked! It was the start of a new age. To this day these are still some of my engagement photos and I really hope someone else would like to take their photos in the greenhouse someday! These two unfortunately had to delay their wedding last year due to COVID, but it's coming up this year now and I can't wait! They have an amazing venue and have even welcomed a little girl now so I can't wait to see how they incorporate their children into their wedding day! The photos are going to be glorious.

Black and white photos of a man and woman embracing outside with a prism reflecting branches below them.
A man and woman embracing and dancing with a brick building in the background and trees with red berries around them.
A man and woman looking in opposite directions in a greenhouse. A prism in the foreground reflects light and rainbows.
An engaged man and woman holding hands walking through a greenhouse.
An engaged couple in various poses around a large greenhouse at MSU.
Wide shot of a man and woman dancing in a large greenhouse.
Man and woman embracing outside in the winter with a golden sun flare between them.