Lisa and Santino's session was the most fun I've ever had taking engagement photos! I met them both when we attended Alma College and they're two of the most genuine, old souls I know. I was so excited and grateful when they asked me about being their wedding photographer and I knew I wanted their photos to reflect their unique personalities. They came up with the amazing idea to do their engagement photos in some unique locations in Lansing. First on the list was the Michigan Historic Museum followed by MSU's museum. We took lots of images, but my favorites are below incorporating a giant map of Michigan and some dinosaur bones (of course)! Next we headed over to Archives Book Shop! We are so thankful the owner was willing to let us take a few shots inside because Lisa and Santino used to hang out there together often when they were in the area! The rows of books created such amazing depth and color for some pretty spectacular engagement photos that suited them well as they're both writers. Finally, our plan was to end at MSU's greenhouses. Unfortunately, even though the website said otherwise, we could not find a single one that was unlocked! We ended up wandering around in the dark and rain laughing about being lost and cold. Luckily I had brought my flash on the journey so I said let's stop and try something! We set up in the garden with the flash behind them and got the most amazing images in the rain! It was worth every cold, wet minute. These two unfortunately had to push their wedding to the spring of 2022 due to COVID, but I am counting down the days until we get to capture some more magic together!

Engaged man and woman with brown hair and red shirts standing below are large sculpture of Michigan.
Man and woman with brown hair and red shirts standing together embracing in front of dinosaur skeletons.
Black and white photo of man and woman with their foreheads together standing in front of dinosaur skeletons.
Engagement ring on very old tattered books.
Man and woman embracing each other between rows of old books in a bookshop.
Black and white photo of couple embracing between bookshelves and an engagement ring sitting on an open book.
An engaged man and woman with brown hair kissing each other in between shelves of old books at a store.
Black and white photo of a silhouette of a couple kissing with a light behind them outlining them and raindrops falling.
Black and white silhouette photo of a man kissing a woman's forehead in the rain.
Silhouette of a couple kissing outdoors at night with leaves above them on a trellis. A light shines between them.