Last January I headed to Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan with Katelin and Jimmy! You guys. I had heard about "The ledges" as a photo opportunity a few times, but had never actually been there. Oh my gosh is it incredible. The rocks have the most beautiful texture and colors in them. The session even started with the most perfect amount of snowfall: big enough flakes to photograph well without being so thick that it’s hard to focus correctly. Katelin and Jimmy have unfortunately had to postpone their wedding day twice now due to COVID, but it’s coming up in August and is going to be so beautiful and worth the wait! These two are incredibly photogenic so I can’t wait to see the wedding photos we get!

Woman in a burnt orange dress and man in a brown shirt embracing and kissing outside while it is snowing.
A man dipping a woman with snow all around them and large textured rocks behind them.
Man and woman smiling and almost kissing in the winter in front of large rocks.
Man and woman holding hands facing each other smiling with large moss covered rocks in the foreground and background.
Man and woman in various poses around large cliff-like rocks by a river. The rocks are textured with light green moss.
Black and white photo of a man and woman standing together on a bridge with trees behind them.