What am I going to do if you contact me the day before worried about the weather and wanting to change your entire wedding schedule? I'm going to handle it. Kate and Shane originally planned to wait to see each other once the ceremony began, but when the forecast called for rain from their ceremony time through the entire rest of the day, they knew there was no way they could keep that plan AND get all of the outdoor wedding photos they wanted. It was very important to them that we capture all of the beautiful fall color for their October wedding so we decided to make some changes.

I rewrote an entire schedule for Kate that included a first look! This allowed us time to get all of their couple portraits, wedding party portraits, and immediate family portraits done right before it started to rain! Plus their first look photos made for some incredible memories. Katie of Juneberry Media was with me all day (shoutout to her for the gorgeous ring/invitation photos below she grabbed for me) so we were able to get each of their reactions during it! All that was left to do after the ceremony was a few more couple portraits and their big family photo shots!

I had never photographed in The Graham Banquet Center in Laingsburg, Michigan before but oh my gosh do I hope to be back someday! Their ceremony room was an incredible space for both the ceremony shots themselves and the indoor family photos. Then they have an equally amazing space for the reception that's so open! Plus there are chandeliers everywhere! It truly could not have been a better location for these wedding photos.

Details photos of the dress, cake, rings, shoes, and wedding invitations.
Black and white collage of the bride and groom getting dressed for the wedding.
The bridesmaids in long maroon gowns see the bride in her dress for the first time. They are smiling and happy.
First look between the bride and groom. They are outside near trees with fall colored foliage on the ground.
Black and white photos of the bride and groom embracing then laughing.
Groom standing behind bride hugging around her shoulders and chest while they smile. There is bright fall foliage.
Bride and groom in various poses outside with brightly colored trees behind them and leaves on the ground.
Bride and groom together and separately in various poses in front of a large tree. Bride's dress is form fitting.
Bride in form fitting beaded dress and bridesmaids in floor length maroon dresses with bouquets of eucalyptus and roses.
Wide shot of the wedding party standing with their partner with everyone spread out in a line.
Wedding party standing in a line smiling then cheering as the bride and groom kiss.
Wedding party walking, smiling, and talking.
Groomsmen holding groom then drinking beer then standing in a line. They wear light grey suits.
Bride and groom smiling with their families.
Close up intimate images of the bride and groom kissing, putting their foreheads together, and smiling close.
Collage of various images of the ceremony. The bride and groom stand on a stage and the room is full of chandeliers.
Black and white photo of a wedding ceremony happening inside the Graham Banquet Center.
Collage of the bride and groom's entrance, cake cutting, and toasts.
Collage of the bride and groom dancing. Off camera flash flaring behind them and a chandelier above.
Collage of the bouquet toss, garter, father daughter dance, and mother son dance.
Black and white collage of everyone on the dance floor. Many shots of bride's grandparents. A chandelier above everyone.