Aftan and Justin are two of the kindest people ever! I’ve loved photographing them so much and their wedding was definitely the highlight so far. Their ceremony took place outside at A Little Patch of Heaven in Carson City, Michigan. Their reception immediately followed inside of the barn. It’s such a great all inclusive wedding venue!

Katie from Juneberry Media came along and we started the day with detail shots then the getting ready photos in the rooms provided by the venue. After that, the ladies and I drove down the road a bit to a good photo spot. I loved the contrast of their long navy dresses with their bright sunflower bouquets. Aftan was absolutely stunning in her lace gown and flower crown! The guys wore dark grey with navy accents and it coordinated perfectly.

The ceremony was so touching with Aftan’s step dad playing guitar and Justin tearing up as she walked down the aisle. However, the absolute greatest part of the day came during the reception. Justin, his groomsmen, and groomswoman all had rehearsed a hilarious choreographed dance to surprise Aftan! These are the surprises wedding photographers live for. It was so fun and I could barely breathe through my laughter!

Collage of wedding rings, wedding dress, and bride and groom getting ready.
Bride and bridesmaids smiling at each other. Bridesmaids are wearing long navy dresses and hold sunflowers.
Close up of bride looking down at her shoulder. She has false eyelashes and a pearl necklace.
Collage of bridesmaids, bride, and bride's dad seeing her for the first time in her long lace dress.
Groom, groomsmen, and one woman in dark grey suits with blue ties standing in front of the barn.
Collage of the bride walking down the aisle and the groom crying.
Collage of the bride and groom's outdoor ceremony in front of the barn.
Collage of the entire wedding party in front of the barn.
Wide photo of the wedding party smiling in a line in front of the barn.
Groom, groomsmen, and woman lined up in front of the barn in a V shape.
Wedding party smiling lined up on the side of a dirt road.
Collage of the bride and groom smiling at each other and kissing on a dirt road.
Bride and groom standing on a dirt road holding hands. The bride holds her dress out.
Collage of the bride and groom standing on a dirt road smiling.
Bride and groom standing in front of the barn then the groom dipping the bride.
Collage of the bride and groom's reception entrance and toasts.
Bride and groom outside near a field.
Bride and groom holding hands smiling at each other standing in front of four windows on a barn.
Collage of the formal dances inside of the barn.
Collage of the groom, groomsmen, and groomswoman performing a funny dance around the bride in a chair.
Collage of the bouquet and garter tosses.