2020 was a wild year. Which is probably an understatement. Weddings were obviously getting pushed back left and right as the world tried to navigate how to handle the pandemic. My wedding season was supposed to start in the spring and had to be pushed to keep everyone safe. Later in the summer once restrictions started to adjust to what we knew, weddings finally started to happen--they just looked a little different. Hannah and Kyle were no exception to having to make major changes.

To adjust for covid, they moved their reception from their indoor location at the Mount Pleasant Comfort Inn to the parking large in a gorgeous white tent with big windows. Their ceremony also took place outside in the courtyard there. The entire thing came together beautifully. Hannah was such an angel and did everything she could to make sure everyone felt comfortable.

Mount Pleasant's Comfort Inn is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings because they are fantastic to the vendors that come in to work. They also have a gorgeous willow tree and river just a short walk away across the parking lot. It's the absolute perfect wedding photo location. The entire gallery turned out amazing and it's still one of my favorites. I constantly come back to these wedding photos to post as examples for people. Helps when you have an absolutely gorgeous bride! Scroll down to see all the incredible veil photos.

Close up of couple's rings on a box and another of the bride's rings between sparkly shoes
Bride's mom buttoning her dress, bride's family helping with accessories, and mothers of the couple crying while reading
Bride smiling and looking out the window while putting an earring in
Black and white photos of groom and groomsmen getting ready and drinking
Groom and groomsmen in navy blue suits lined up outside smiling
Bride and bridesmaids standing together under a willow tree smiling together
Black and white photo of bride looking down smiling with bridesmaids standing in the background facing away
Photos of a red headed bride holding a cathedral length veil and smiling under a willow tree
Photos of the groom, flower girl, and bride walking down the aisle
Photos of the vows, prayer, kiss, and exit with a bright blue sky and puffy clouds in the background
Photos of the entire wedding party and then just the men under a willow tree
Separate photos of the groom and bride posing for portraits under the willow tree
Photos of the bride and groom embracing and kissing beneath a willow tree
Groom kissing the side of a bride's face with her veil blowing in the foreground
Black and white photos taken from underneath the bride's veil of the couple kissing and laughing
Photos of the bride and groom entering the tent for their reception and cutting their cake
Photos of the couple's first dance inside a white tent with wood floor and string lights
Photos of the toasts, father daughter dance, and mother son dance
Photos of the bride and groom standing on a riverbank of rocks in various poses
Photos of the bride and groom kissing, smiling, and dancing under willow tree branches
A bride with a long braid and groom in a navy blue suit kissing with the sunset shining between them
Collage of photos of people dancing at the wedding reception and the bouquet and garter toss
Black and white photo of bride and groom embraced in a slow dance with the tent windows and lights behind them
Wide shot of the reception tent outside with the night sky and setting sun on the horizon