So you booked your family photography session and now the question is what in the world do you wear? Here are my favorite tips I give to my own clients when it comes time to start the outfit hunt!

First, NO words or logos! There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, but overall it's an important one. Plain solid colors almost always work best and the next best thing is simple patterns and florals. Mixing them is even better.

Family photo outfits: beige, green, and yellow floral.

Keep kids’ outfits simple. You want classic, timeless pieces. If you're paying for professional photos, you don't want to look back on them a few years later and realize your outfits were just a quick trend that passed. We all love to look through photo albums and laugh at what was in style at the time, but save that for your snapshots at home!

Family photo outfits: antique girls' dresses and boy's light blue suit.

Don’t feel like you have to “match.” I like to tell my clients to “coordinate” instead. Pick a color palette and then stick with it by getting everyone unique pieces that tie back in together.

Fall family photo outfits in shades of black, brown, orange, and maroon.
Fall family photo outfits in shades of cream, grey, brown, and green.
Summer family photo outfits in shades of black, maroon, and yellow.

Stay away from super bright colors. Neons reflect or color cast all over the bottom of your face and neck. My favorite kinds of colors to photograph on people are earthy tones and neutrals. Primary colors also photograph fantastic (reds, blues, yellows).

Earth toned family photo outfits for a family of five.

Play with color theory! Think about your photo location and its colors. Do you want to go for a more monochromatic look where everything is a similar color? Or something more bold like complementary colors? Reds complement green, blues complement orange, purples complement yellow. One easy route is to match your colors to the season! 

Spring family photo outfits in shades of white, yellow, and pink.
Summer family photo outfits in cream, pinks, and blues.
Fall family photo outfits in black and shades of yellow and gold.
Winter family photo outfits in shades of blue, cream, and beige.

Speaking of seasons, dress for the weather! Kids that aren’t comfortable will not take good photos. Period. If it’s hot, keep things lightweight. If it’s cold, bundle up! Hats, coats, and scarves make for cute winter photos. You do not have to pretend it’s 60+ degrees out when it’s not! Layer layer layer.

Winter family photo outfits in shades of blue, cream, and brown with hats.

Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and textures! Combining knits, lace, ruffles, and smooth flowy fabrics is always flattering and adds gorgeous depth to your photographs. Outfits you may not have paired together in every day life sometimes make for the best photos.

Family photo outfits with different textures of fabrics and furs and different floral patterns.

If all else fails, keep it clean and simple! You can always make things interesting with a little bit of texture, tulle, or lace added to neutral colors.

White lacey family photo outfits.

The most important thing is to make your photos reflect YOU! At the end of the day, you want to preserve your family's unique styles and personalities and you know yourselves best! Good luck and have a great time at your session.

Family photo outfits in different shades of blue and green.